The assignment procedures and techniques employed by Richard Payne and Amy Ladner are focused on an intense search for architectural design clarity. The goal is to produce beautiful award winning photographs that prove the value and validity of the important work done by those who design, build, own and occupy buildings. The photographs are honest, straightforward and clear. They will normally include contextual views, overall views of each elevation, pictures descriptive of sculptural form, major interior spaces and important details. It is considered crutial that the photographs include, where possible, people whose presence, movement  and animation describe how buildings are used –  how people naturally approach, enter, move through and react to both exterior and interior spaces.

Consultation with clients about specific requirements, on- site access and security clearance, are important. Small scale site or floor plans are often sent to Richard Payne marked with suggested viewpoints. Weather is always a factor and can usually be anticipated, but clients are charged only for travel expenses for unforeseen weather delays. Walk-throughs prior to the photography with clients are always helpful and welcomed.

The photographic assignment is usually planned on site a day prior to the photography. Notes are made about camera locations, site orientation, light direction, intensity and color.  Project photography then proceeds quickly with little intrusion into the lives or activities of people on site. No cumbersome  lighting equipment is used. The work day starts at dawn and ends at dusk.

Assignment costs are usually based on a competitive day rate fee, a travel time fee depending on distance, a per image charge for digital processing and reimbursement of travel expenses. Clients receive high rez digital files, index proofs, and liberal usage rights for marketing, publication and exhibit purposes – and often a few enlarged gift prints for office use or as gifts.

Sharing the costs of photography with other professionals involved in the ownership, design or construction of the projects can be arranged –  but before the photography has begun. Reasonable estimates of assignment costs can usually be made over the phone.

The photographs are copyrighted and should not be given or sold to third party commercial entities without permission.

Your call, questions or comments are welcomed.

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